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  1. White Honey from Kyrgyzstan - Unfiltred sainfoin honey 250g


    White honey from Kyrgyzstan is a delight for the taste buds, it is one of the most surprising honeys of the world. Its taste will literally get you hooked on this flavour straight from Eastern Europe. You are warned, control your emotions before going to meet this unique product in the world.

    This white honey is the result of foraging at altitudes of over 2000 metres, an altitude that has an undeniable effect on this wild flower honey.

    Contrary to popular belief, this honey is not monofloral. Indeed, its colour comes from the bees' foraging for sainfoin, alfalfa and sweet clover. It is therefore called polyfloral honey, which means that it comes from several flowers.

    The sainfoin remains the majority element in this honey, the latter is used in many fields including agriculture. Indeed, it is a food base for the feeding of certain animals. Thus, its development is very important in Kyrgyzstan.

    Our honey comes from the Jailloo Valley where beekeeping is highly developed, it is a region where tourists like to go for its resplendent landscapes. However, the bees' favourite area is still preserved. It could not be otherwise as this valley is vast and wild.

    This honey has an average crystallization time. It is white in colour, intense in taste and floral aromas, it is one of the rarest varieties of gastronomic honey on the planet.

    Here is an exhaustive list of medicinal virtues that you can enjoy by consuming this white honey:

    • Will help to cleanse the intestinal flora
    • Can be used as an anti-aging remedy (face)
    • Prevention of the occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases
    • Removes gastric reflux or gastric acidity
    • To fight stomach ulcers
    • Fluidifies the general blood circulation of the body
    • A real energizing boost
    • Invigorating for the whole body
    • To temporarily increase his strength
    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Has anti-bacterial properties
    • Also benefits from antioxidant properties

    Flavor:  Intense floral, similar to sugar dough

    Aroma: Sweet, floral note that remains in the mouth

    Color: White!

    Physical Consistency: Creamy, thick and frothy, it's the only honey that looks like this! This honey crystallizes rather quickly.

    Source: Sainfoin, Alfalfa and Sweet clover

    Origin: Jailloo Valley, Kyrgyzstan

    Be among the privileged ones to taste this very high quality white nectar with wild flower flavours. A tasting that will take you to the high valleys of Central Asia.

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